Here at MG Group (Mr Gates Group) we appreciate that people often worry about burglaries and break-ins to their home. Someone invading your property is an emotionally traumatic experience, not to mention the risk of financial loss and disruption to your home it can cause.
Keeping your home secure is essential for your own safety and peace of mind, however not all home owners are able to afford security such as CCTV and alarm systems.

So, here’s our top tips to help keep your home secure:

Doors & Letterboxes

It may sound obvious, but make sure you lock all your doors properly when leaving the house and at night time. Even when doors are locked, entry is sometimes forced by kicking in the door or prising it open. Check your door frames are sturdy, well fitted and that the hinges are attached securely. Glass panelling in doors is particularly vulnerable and should be fitted with laminated glass if possible. If your letterbox is close to your lock, fitting a letterbox cage will prevent thieves being able to reach inside. A door viewer or ‘spy hole’ will allow you to identify callers before opening the door.


Removing all keys from window and door locks when not in use and ensuring that all windows are locked if you are home or not is a good idea. When you’re at home only keep windows open in the rooms you are in.


Motion security lights can be installed to the outside of a property but if you plan to leave your property unattended for a period, we would suggest leaving a light on or fitting light timers so that lights will come on and off when required. Mobile Apps are also available to provide this option.


Keep all valuables such as electronic devices and jewellery out of sight and use a safe where possible. We would also recommend ensuring that all door and car keys are out of sight and stored in a secure location.

Trusted Friends or Family

If you’re able to, always let one of your trustworthy neighbours know if you’re going away so they keep an eye on your property for any family or friends or people visiting your property.

If you’re looking to ensure your home is as secure as it can be, contact us today and maximise the enjoyment of your property.